Professional development

In all trust academies and schools we are able to offer comprehensive professional development opportunities for all staff.

All staff, whichever academy they work for, will have a well structured induction programme, tailored for each role. This programme ensures that new staff have a comprehensive understanding of the Behaviour for Learning policy, Child Protection training, academy and trust values and vision and other relevant policies, key to your role.

As a newly qualified teacher (NQT) each academy has a specifically designed induction programme, which meets the statutory requirements of the induction year, but is purposefully designed to go above and beyond these minimal requirements. This programme ensures you have mentor support and, as an NQT, gives you access to a range of experienced professionals to support your development.  As a trust there is the opportunity to share best practice and develop links with other NQTs.  In addition to your appointed mentor, programmed CPD sessions and access to external training events, you will have a weekly session with all NQT’s and a Lead Teacher who will develop a programme of support relevant to those new to teaching.

All staff benefit from a rigorous performance management system where continuous professional development opportunities are available for staff at all levels. An annual performance management discussion will provide an opportunity to identify learning needs and agree a programme of professional support.

The trust provides flexible and adaptable learning and development opportunities for all staff. We provide a variety of delivery methods and strive to increase professional skills and practice, as well as the development of future leaders in education.

Professional development is further supported by attending external events, e-learning, networking opportunities, cross-trust working or subscribing to professional groups or publications and access to sponsorship for some academic courses.