Welcome from our CEO

News from our initiatives

In 2010 an academy opened in Calderdale, the first of its kind in the authority.  Led by the (then called) Diocese of Wakefield, it was a response to a decade of underperformance at secondary school level.  The new academy was called Trinity Academy Halifax.


In its first year as an academy – in the same building, with the same staff and students – Trinity’s results improved significantly.  That pattern has continued to this day, resulting in two outstanding Ofsted judgements, as well as designation as a National Support School due to its work in improving other schools.  Furthermore, in 2013 Trinity was also awarded National Teaching School status, and it now leads the Trinity Teaching School Alliance, a collaboration of more than 60 schools across a number of authorities. 

The last two years has seen two additional major developments.  The first was Trinity gaining Maths Hub status, one of just 35 schools in the country to be given this accolade.  The West Yorkshire Maths Hub is a renowned collaboration of over 600 schools, having a profound impact on maths education.

The second is that Trinity is now a recognised sponsor and leads its own multi-academy trust (MAT).  Occasionally people make comments about the impact of academies and MATs – sometimes these are positive, sometimes not.  However, we know what worked for us, so we formed a group of like-minded schools to make a positive difference on a wider scale.  The more young people we can support, the better.  That is as complicated as we allow it to become. 

That leads us on to the present day, indeed the words on this page.  We are excited about the possibilities that Trinity MAT offers and hope that this introduction to who we are, and how we came about, is enough for you to be too.  It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, or whether you are primary or secondary.  It doesn’t even matter what Ofsted are currently saying about you(!) or indeed how big or small you may be.  What matters is how much you want to be part of it. 

Our Church of England MAT is open to schools of all faiths and none, which replicates the admissions policy of its lead school, Trinity Academy Halifax.  If you would like to know more about it, I would warmly welcome you to contact me for more information.